About Face

Published in 2013 issue of IUPUI’s literary magazine Genesis.   The squirrel’s eyes darted left and right scanning the branches of the nearby tree inspecting each possible bridge to safety, his hind claws… Continue reading


Winner: Honorable Mention, Gateway Fiction Award. IUPUI English Department Student Awards              Harvey stared up at the cloud filled sky trying to make out the shapes of animals like he’d done as a… Continue reading


  My eyes continue to water. There’s a conversation occurring, but one-sided. They’re communicating in a language unlike mine. They’re pleading, sending their encoded messages streaming along my cheeks.   Angry perhaps, because… Continue reading

Flattering Reflections

  Dr. Anne Miller Ph.D Case Log #1549 Patients: Ms. Sarou Libertine and Mr. Garrett De’Laroux May 15th 2011 I will be meeting shortly with Sarou and Garrett to assess their need for… Continue reading


The man kneeling and staring at the heavens cried out, “Why God, what next? Why me?” A priest walking down the road, observed his pleas. The priest stopped and said, “Do not cry… Continue reading

Ok, Go

Ok, you ready Yeah, you? Yeah So we’re gonna do this? Yeah Ok, is it my right or your right? My right So my left? Right. Ok, go.

The Accident

A death occurred in the small town of Pinkerton, Texas on October 16th 1952. William Carver, a longtime resident, was found dead at the edge of his property with injuries that appeared to… Continue reading

Alone in A Crowded Room

He dabbed at the stain on the crimson tablecloth where he’d spilled his drink as he turned suddenly believing that he heard her call out his name, but she hadn’t. She was still… Continue reading

Split-Second Decision

I couldn’t tell you whether it was the click of the gun’s hammer or the voice of God himself calling my name. But whatever it was, it was the loudest sound that I’d… Continue reading


The other day I attended the funeral of a kid I went to school with. I didn’t know him very well.   We were in different cliques. I was a jock, and he was… Continue reading

Head Straight, Eyes Forward

“What will your parents think about this boys?”             Mr. Constantine sat there staring a hole through us. I couldn’t look him in the eyes. No, all I could do was stare at… Continue reading